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And if ou would please send them to me on here that would awesome as well. :)
Hey guys I recently join OPG but i was in before wondering if anyone can send me some friend request so i can get to know more of the members. My GT on Xbox 360 is: OPG Godly Range. Dont got many friend spots open on there
If anyone has any feeds then send my gamer tag a message or write on my wall and I'll post it to YouTube if you want
ya try it they look cool
sounds like a good book for me
study but be very cautious with what they say its not all right or true plus be serious you dont need to try and rule the world its as if he wrote a guide meant for tyrants when you read it you will see
i found this guy Robert greene he's written 5 books they are interesting if your bord id take a look but fair warning not everything said is right or should be done a example would be some of the rules in his book 48 rules of power so there worth stu
the 48 rules of power
i changed my name from organon to this OPG SEVERUS SNAPE it fits me better
another day another dollar
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